20 Admin and Social Media Tasks

20 Admin and Social Media tasks I can take off your hands

Holidays are finishing off and the time of going back to work is approaching fast… But, hey! This, doesn’t have to be daunting or tedious, anymore. For modern executives, a Virtual Assistant can be the game-changer for business, especially if you partner with a premium one specializing in supporting your business growth. Being a Virtual[…]

20 Free Apps to move around Spain

20 Free Apps to move around Spain

Recently I was reading a FB post related to the use of specific apps and came to me the idea of writing this blog.

Using virtual tools is a time and money-saver, it promotes business organization, management and in distance collaboration.

Speaking on this subject…What about  daily life? What about sharing with you some free apps and online services that will make your life in Spain easier and comfortable? […]