20 Free Apps to move around Spain

20 Free Apps to move around Spain

Recently I was reading a FB post related to the use of specific apps and came to me the idea of writing this blog.

Using virtual tools is a time and money-saver, it promotes business organization, management and in distance collaboration.

Speaking on this subject…What about  daily life? What about sharing with you some free apps and online services that will make your life in Spain easier and comfortable? […]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant HOW TO?

HIRING A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT HOW? “I just don’t know how to find someone that fits my needs and how do you know that you can trust them with such confidential information? How much do I pay them… How shall I do it? etc. “ These and some other questions are asked by someone who could[…]


Lastly there have been several people asking “Well, but this thing about being a virtual assistant what is all about? How does it work?” Therefore, in view of the growing interest, I am leaving you a little explanation of this new role.