Lastly there have been several people asking “Well, but this thing about being a virtual assistant what is all about? How does it work?” Therefore, in view of the growing interest, I am leaving you a little explanation of this new role.


Remote assistant, online helper, virtual assistant, digital worker, etc. This role and whatever you would like to call it, belongs to the present and increasingly so in the future.

In fact, a VA is a professional that can work in an independent manner as well as a part of a team. Working closely together and strongly supporting those tasks in need of a helping hand.

We should consider that new technologies and apps’ evolution will be soon something totally standardised and regular. As it is right now in some countries such as USA, Canada, Australia or UK.

WWorking Online_ElenaZurriagaVAHERE?

In respect of, where an online worker can assist in? Well, the VA can do the same job as another person who is in a physical department. It just needs the use of a computer and internet connection…  Adding to this fact, the costs reduction and years of experience. Since, many of us come from different business backgrounds.

This experience can be exclusively invested in any task that you could think of… From scanning a document to support services with helping a newly arrived person to settle into the new country and environment.


The tasks that are delegated to a VA are those ones that are replaceable. Basically, what other person can do and /or is time consuming.

When we have a clear idea of what tasks are to be delegated, they could be subdivided in:

  • Types of jobs that could be externalized, to improve other services and departments’ productivity (if we talk about Companies)

Perhaps it is that specific time of the month, for sending newsletters, invoicing, data review, etc.

Sometimes certain companies’ departments are overloaded, and this can seriously affect their productivity.

Externalizing some tasks can help minimalizing this effect

  • Specialized services.

What kind of market and /or specialized sector can assist our remote colleague in? The answer is: In many and varied, as many areas of expertise as they do exist.

Since it is not just a backlog issue but there is need of a hand to give support to specific areas, such as, when you want to translate that web page, those legal texts, technical instructions, etc.…


Possible tasks to delegate onto a Virtual Assistant.

Well, now I am going to briefly focus on what can be delegated onto a Virtual Assistant. This might help to understand a bit more What is a VA?

Everything that can be done in front of a computer (which is nearly everything, nowadays) can be done by our online worker.

Having been trained for, some tasks could be done straight away while with another jobs a VA can be an incredible supportive key factor.

Here I am leaving you some jobs that could be delegated, but want to make this clear… The sky is the limit!


  1. Project Management
  2. Meeting Management
  3. Writing blogs
  4. Translations
  5. Web content
  6. Video editing
  7. Social Media Management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…)
  8. Marketing Campaigns
  9. Internet research
  10. Event Management
  11. Support services helping a newly arrived person (searching different info on schools, shops, transport, etc.)
  12. Travel Management
  13. Basic editing images (Photoshop)
  14. Data entry
  15. Telephone calls (inbound/outbound)
  16. Keeping track of goods’ delivery.
  17. Email and Calendar Management.
  18. Creating, editing and sending Periodic Newsletters
  19. Creating, editing Power Point slides.
  20. Training.
  21. CRM’ s Management
  22. Creating, editing and sending cards to customers (Christmas, events…)
  23. Bookkeeping.
  24. Packet office Management
  25. Personal errands (buying on-line; flight bookings, hotels, internet appointment reservations, doctors, lawyers, hairdresser…)
  26. Uploading videos in YouTube
  27. Reports transcriptions, Voice mail, video, audio, podcasts.
  28. Proof reading.
  29. Delivery, keep tracking and reception of invoices (special good for small business)
  30. Training other Virtual Assistants and… Many more!!



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