Relax and enjoy your time

Are You Ready? Holidays to relax

Holidays are here at last!

It’s getting hot (well, it’s already here) , sun, beach, mountain… Enjoying those long days and nights with the company (or not) of friends and family…

We are just about to leave behind those tedious meetings, paperwork, long mails, multiple headaches but…

Have you got everything ready? Can your Business or Project be left on hold during this period? Are you able to truly disconnect?

Here it goes some tips & trics so it can be done (or at least it would be easier to do so)



Blogging 5 reasons why to do it.

5 Reasons of Why Blogging’s Important to your Biz.

Everybody does it… It’s an “in” thing… Oh, you’re lost without it…

If you ask my friend José, who is 87, what a Blog is, he’ll probably reply that is a kind of a hat that men wear… He doesn’t know and most probably doesn’t care about it..

However, if you are a smart organization or an entrepreneur aiming to reach new people out there… Then, you can do with this piece of information. […]