I can help your business

Work assignments are notified through mail, Skype, telephone and other web tools

Admin Support

  •  Is time running out while paperwork and data are building up day by day?
  • Do they have to be keyed in the system (invoices, delivery notes, purchasing orders, etc.) to create and manage excel sheets, templates or document filing, before deadline?
  • Do you need a presentation for your customers or a CRM update? Does the training material have to be ready for those important work sessions?

Being organized is a key to be productive and I can make your life easier so you spend your time in what cannot be delegated in your business.

  • Maybe your Company has already a management area but, in specific times, such as quarterly or annual closure, internalisation campaigns…, this area could become overwhelmed.

I can help the administrative team, taking care of the tasks that you would like to externalize and collaborating with them in order to reduce the workload as long as needed.

Social Media and Marketing

Managing Social Media can be a time-consuming task as well as a poor response might bring many problems into our customer and suppliers relationship. In this field, I could be helpful with my experience for:

  • Managing social media publications.
  • Identifying and responding to questions, claims and suggestions related with the customer
  • Receiving and leading to the appropriate department those questions which are not solved within the web’s FAQs section.

Parallel to this service I could create a Marketing campaign, and you may benefit from:

  • Creating a signup form for your blog.
  • Managing mailing lists.
  • Customizing each message.
  • Sending mail marketing campaigns
  • Designing templates.
  • Automatically complying with the Anti-spam law.
  • Having the chance of testing an A/B campaign. By sending similar campaigns you could see which one is the best accepted.
  • Spreading contents across the web.
  • Measuring campaigns’ results and drawing your own conclusions.


Translating a text is far more than Google Translator it “copy and paste” and even more within the business world. In order to get a good translation done during a negotiation process is necessary to know the language as well as cultural aspects. It should sound like natural expressions to the person who is receiving the communication.

Therefore, if you are thinking of translating the company’s web page to tap your way through internationally or if you are in need of translating that program, contract, report or mail, I will do it efficiently.

In addition to reviewing and editing Spanish texts, so they will be perfect, I can translate technical concepts from different professional fields.