“Yesterday, you said tomorrow… Just do it! “(Nike)

As we enter the New year, many of us aim to improve both, personally and professionally.

And, these are the moments when our old friend “Ms. Delay” and her companion “Mr. I’ll do it later” love to perform.

In this Blog, I will focus on how we can fight Procrastination in an efficient manner.

For instance, we can:

1st  Using Procrastination to our benefit. 

And, how do we do it? Just by giving our brain a bigger reason for procrastination.

We’ll do it this way:

We’ll have a to-do list, and then we make sure that we place at the top of the list, tasks that are almost impossible to achieve as well as they could be overwhelming. Therefore, we’ll end up doing the rest of the jobs on the list.

Tasks playing off

Tasks against Procrastination

It would be like the tasks play off against each other.

On my to-do list, one of my goals was writing this blog, and I kept postponing it… Then, at the top of my list I wrote something like… “To spend the morning tiding up all the Christmas decorations and put them away”. Well, it has worked for me…  Here I am writing away with my witness close to me: our Christmas tree…

2nd. Fighting Fear.

Fighting Fear is Basic

Fighting Fear is vital.

Usually, one of the most common reasons to leave things undone is fear.

Fear of not knowing how to do it, fear of having to give the grade, fear of what others might say/think… In a nutshell, each one of us knows what we are dealing with.

With this in mind, we could do the following:

Dividing the issue in little time sections (even if it’s a minute one) and pushing ourselves to do nothing but the delayed task. Even if it is just one minute that we invest in it, the importance of carrying our goal out is incredibly amazing. Just try it!

As Eleanor Roosvelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you”

3rd Commitment. What will it happen if we commit to ourselves?

Cause and effect, punishment or reward, like the Pavlov’s dog, this theory could be the backbone of a great strategy.

The challenge would be as follows:

We’ll give 50 euros to our friend as we commit ourselves to finish the task by the end of today.

It is no use that in case we are unable to finish the task, we shall not be giving the money afterwards…. Money always will be going up front.

If we lose the challenge, we should have previously arranged that the money will be going to a Charity of our choice.

Needless to say that we will make the money back if we finish the task on time.

Something similar happened to Ulyses with the Sirens, based on a freely made decision, when he asked to his crew to be tied to the mast so he would not fall to the Sirens’ chants (procrastination)… Well, then that mast, is our 50 euros.

4th Good mood.

We stop from doing things, especially, when we are on a bad mood and we are thinking about something that would help us to get through.

For instance, while you are reading that tedious mail and suddenly comes to your mind… Shall I have a quick look to Facebook? Maybe there’s an important update I am missing out… and that’s it!… you give in.

Procrastination and how it works.

Procrastination and its circle.

Therefore, when we are in a good mood or think that there is nothing can be done to improve how we feel, is when we screw around a lot less

If you want to be really inspired, you have to feel something.

Having a goal in mind or thinking that you want something, it is simply not enough.

What moves you? What does inspire you? Try it!

Finally, and even though it might sound simplistic, changing your attitude, can help to change the way you think.

Well, it has been a pleasure, and now, … Have to say goodbye to our Christmas tree.


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