Valencia is the land of the flowers, of light and love…. This is the way the Valencian hymn starts and these days are the most appropriate to live it….

The big Festival of Las Fallas’ starting. Now is the time when you walk around the city and the smell of gunpowder floods the streets along with the non-stop firecrackers’ sound…

At each turn of the Valencian streets, the gigantic statues of papier mâché invade the city.

Art’s power invades the city in March.

It is time for joy, music, art, colour, beauty and…. Avalanche of people… Get ready for it.

I’ve been a fallera myself when I was little. Quite a while ago….I must admit…

And I remember the unbearable tyranny of getting the traditional hair done, the long hours standing still at the parade while your feet were killing you…

Detail of the traditional Valencian hair style

However, the grandiosity of the Festival and how you feel about everything, it is all worth.

From the 1st of March, every day, there’s something going on…


For instance, you could enjoy of a Mascletá every day at 14:00 at the Council Square.

What’s a Mascletá? Well, it is an extraordinary spectacle difficult to describe… but I’ll try…

Imagine the city center main square full with people… As many people as you could imagine… you barely can move… In a good day, the sun is shinning at the highest point, you can feel the heat on your head, your face, your arms… and you are in the middle of it…


Waiting for Mascletá at City Council square

People watching Fireworks display every afternoon from the 1st of march until the 19th.


Firecrackers display before

Fire crackers before display










Close to you there’s a group of teenagers singing and being loud… Right in front of you this dad carrying his child on the shoulders, who, by the way, is getting tired and feels grumpy…and behind you this middle age couple that smiles and apologizes every time they bump into you due to the massive crowd movements.

When you start thinking …God! What am I doing here?

It is the time… Just one minute to two o’clock, La fallera mayor standing at the Council’s main Balcony makes the announcement “Señor pirotecnic, pot començar la mascletá!!” “Mr. Pyrotechnic, you can start now the mascletá!!”

This is the moment everybody’s waiting for… The multitude starts screaming…

That’s it! There’s no way back.

Fire display going off

Fire display going off

Everything, starts with one huge firecracker straight up to the sky, then another one, and another one…. The rhythm goes in crecendo and the power of detonation […] in a sharp sequence creates a unique experience for the ears.  Each previous noise is being silenced, now.

No space, no time, for anything else…

The firecrackers and fireworks are set off in synchronised explosions. On the moment supreme, you hear nothing, you feel nothing but the explosions. Your body suddenly becomes a resonance box…

It last just for few minutes, then stops as started with…. one ….two…three explosions…

That’s all… you will never forget it….


Mascletá view in Valencia

Mascletá view in Valencia


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