Are You Ready? Holidays to relax

Holidays are here at last!

It’s getting hot (well, it’s already here) , sun, beach, mountain… Enjoying those long days and nights with the company (or not) of friends and family…

We are just about to leave behind those tedious meetings, paperwork, long mails, multiple headaches but…

Have you got everything ready? Can your Business or Project be left on hold during this period? Are you able to truly disconnect?

Here it goes some tips & trics so it can be done (or at least it would be easier to do so)


1st Leave your desk as clear as possible.

Clearing your desk before the summer break

A Clear Desk will help you to have peace of mind before the Summer Break.

This does not mean to sweep under the carpet all those unfinished, papework, tasks, mails, etc.

But to delegate everything that can be entrusted.

Someone can do these tasks for you or free your time up so you can do them.

Here below there’s a little example to help organizing those taks.

Write down a list with the tasks that will take you more than 30 min Highlight in Green Things you don’t like doing/or don’t need to do yourself Highlight in Fucsia Things you want to do but have NO TIME FOR
1 Social Media Management 1 Manejo de Redes Sociales
2 Translating Docs. 2 Traducción      documentos 
3 Customer Management (CRM)      3 Gestión de Clientes (CRM)      

2nd Inform that you’ll be unavailable.

Communication is the key to success, so it’s especially important, to let somehow know to colleagues, customers , suppliers  and everybody that works with us that we won’t be there for a while.

One simple way of doing this is, by scheduling an auto-response message.

You could also add on this message info such as, you’ll be with no email access… (or not … it’d very much depend on the isolation’s grade we might have or wish)

Gmail, enables a pretty easy way of doing this. See explaination below.

Firstly, you have to go to the right hand side of the screen on settings, press and go to General scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find this screen (see below). Of course, you could customise as you wish. This is an example.

Out of office message

Customizing an out of office message in very simple steps.

3rd Keep the Business Presence (even if you aren’t there).

Summer months are the most difficult ones to generate sales.

However, a good presence on the net while you are away, will give your Business continuity in order to prevent any market opportunities being missed.

In the meantime you’ll be streached out on your hammock miles away, chilling out

For this purpose there are several virtual apps that will help you to manage Social Media in an efficient manner, such as:

Another tip would be to create an email marketing campaign, so your customers and/or users will still know about your services while you are away.

Enjoying the views while Biz keep running

A well deserved break: chilling out on the hammock


Not a bad plan while enjoying the views, uh?


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