Hiring a Virtual Assistant HOW TO?



“I just don’t know how to find someone that fits my needs and how do you know that you can trust them with such confidential information? How much do I pay them… How shall I do it? etc. “

These and some other questions are asked by someone who could use the help of a Virtual Assistant

In the following I should like to highlight a few key points which I feel the process of hiring a virtual partner could be based on.


What does the person convey to us when meeting for the first time?


Whether with a consult via Skype or such, when we make an initial contact, we should listen to our guts (at least there is where I have my intuition)

Trust and its development within the professional relationship, is a key factor to keep in mind.

To start small while building a relationship with a VA. You could start with routine and trivial matters, many of which, are time consuming tasks.

The aim would be to establish a security relationship beneficial for both sides.


A Virtual Assistant is a techie person who can use different apps such as, document management, Project management, up to Social media, SEO, bookkeeping etc.

During the meeting, we could arrange the type of tools we feel more comfortable with.

Business delegation:

After asking yourself ” What I am doing, can another person do it too? What is non-tto do listransferable? and it’s just me who can do it?”

Have a clear idea of what you need the most help with. While it may feel like the answer is “everything”, not being able to define what you need often leads to both parties being unhappy.

A key factor is writing down all the tasks that are done within a working day. This process helps to define what do we want from the on-line worker.


Involvement :

Are you hoping for someone who also has some accounting or tax knowledge background? Do you wish your ideal VA to know about Social Media? Or perhaps it would be great having graphic design knowledge, too?

 As it is important to know what tasks are going to be executed by our VA, so it is to add to the preceding points the following:

How long is the project going to run for? How many hours per week/month you need assistance with? And, does your ideal VA should work specific hours in the day where you’d like them to be available?
All of this should be built-in an agreement between both parties, including a signed NDA, in view of the sensitivity of the managed data.

Finally, keep in mind that VAs are business owners, too. VAs work WITH you as partners, not FOR you as an employee would.



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