The other day, as I walked through the orange trees with a friend, we were having a chat about how important and beneficial is to delegate.

I firmly believe that it is essential in life but even more in business.

It has been proven by doing so that there are many benefits to it.

For instance, you can grow your business, you can also avoid burning out with little things, and investing yourself in what is most important, etc.

Here in Spain, not much is known about virtual co-worker, virtual administrative or virtual assistant.

However, working with one is a valuable asset to any business or project.

You can take a look at several facts of why it is important to have a pair of extra hands and for much less of what you think.

Money is saved by having a Virtual Assistant

Saving time thus money

Save money by delegating tasks

Your time is valuable and I mean that literally.

Let’s see, if your hour is valued in € 100 and you use your own time in doing little, repetitive tasks instead than paying someone to do it for € 20, then, you are losing money.

Your time should be invested in the most important tasks in what makes your business grow and cannot be done by anybody else.

The average annual salary for a PA is about 25k-30k, yet having a Virtual Assistant might cost 4k -16k per year, which means substantial savings for your business.

For that matter, once you’ve offloaded those time-consuming tasks with your VA, productivity and sales are increased in a way that can have a significant impact on your budget and business.

Time is saved by having a Virtual Assistant

Saving time, saving money

If you save time you save money

I just read an article on the Harvard Business Review where it is shown that the most experienced workers can become more productive, just by delegating and externalizing small tasks.

Up to a 20% can be freed up in order to focus in what is really important to your Business or Project.

For instance, increasing sales or connecting with more people.

Maybe you are more interested in balancing your time and prioritizing with personal matters, such as, going to the gym or spending quality time with family and friends.

By delegating small things you are allowed to choose the best way of using your precious time.

Hope these facts are of any help to you and maybe from now on a new and more productive way of management will evolve.


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