5 Reasons of Why Blogging’s Important to your Biz.

Everybody does it… It’s an “in” thing… Oh, you’re lost without it…

If you ask my friend José, who is 87, what a Blog is, he’ll probably reply that is a kind of a hat that men wear… He doesn’t know and most probably doesn’t care about it..

However, if you are a smart organization or an entrepreneur aiming to reach new people out there… Then, you can do with this piece of information.

Blogging 5 reasons why to do it.

Why Blogging’s important?

Even though blogging might be a long term investment, at the short term it can make a big difference in terms of search visibility, leads, and memberships/collaboration.

If you want your Business to be more visible, that strategy begins with the organization’s blog.

Here few reasons why:

ONE.-The more the merrier.

In the same way, the more content is added to your site, the more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines. Therefore, it can be said that search engine traffic is increased by blogging. As it could be taking as fishing in the wide sea of internet. The more hooks you have in the water, the more likely to get a fish. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic.

 TWO.-Stand out from the Crowd.

Make a difference by blogging

Stand out by blogging

Give to your biz an exclusive “voice” by blog posting as it gives a unique opportunity to share the original idea and personality your business have.

It might give to your Business a different way to touch on issues and concerns of interest to its aspect, while also sharing what your Business and customers have in common.

THREE.-Supports Business social media initiatives

 As sharing blog posts on social media, there’s an increase of traffic to the Business’ website (it would be more difficult to do so without it). For sure, it’ll help maintaining an active social media presence.

In addition, the blog posts might provide content for email newsletters

FOUR.-It shows Love and care.


I love blogging

A blog well maintained is a site’s healthy proof.

As a sign that your Business page’s alive, well-loved and maintained. This is what people visiting the site will see.

Attention! If the blog can’t be updated regularly it may be better not to have one at all. As it might look just the opposite.

As a matter of fact, an active blog is also more likely to increase in the ROI (Return Of Investment) marketing wise.

FIVE.-Talk, talk, talk…

As it might lead to valuable discussions. Blogging gives your Business the opportunity to connect with people involved somehow within your own direction through a two-way conversation. It signals to visitors that your business is opened to comments and feedback. You can actually use this dialogue to ask further questions, gaining new insights into the visitors’ needs.

I believe that blogging it is a way of standing out and become more visible. As well as by providing a unique thoughts and shares that might give a different approach to what’s been said about your Business.

What do you think?


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