20 Admin and Social Media tasks I can take off your hands

Holidays are finishing off and the time of going back to work is approaching fast…

But, hey! This, doesn’t have to be daunting or tedious, anymore.

For modern executives, a Virtual Assistant can be the game-changer for business, especially if you partner with a premium one specializing in supporting your business growth.

Being a Virtual Assistant can be “one-man band” or in my case “one-woman band” so your biz might look like you have whole team of people working for you.


Here are listed 20 of the tasks that I could play for you and your biz.

One Woman Band

One Woman Band – Taking Business to next level

1.- Translating your web English/Spanish- opening up your business at the next international level.

2.-Customer Relationship Manager- Working on the customer’s loyalty and satisfaction, never is enough for any business. I could set your biz CRM up and maintaining it for you.

3.- Managing Social Media – This can be a very time consuming task, but it is necessary for any modern business wishing to be ahead of the rest.

4.-Reviewing and Editing Spanish texts, so they will be perfect. Even some technical concepts could be translated from/into different professional fields.

5.-Undertaking some Finance tasks such as keying into the system, all that tedious paper work, invoices, delivery notes, purchasing orders, etc.

6.-Sending mail marketing campaigns (including an A/B campaign, that will allow you to know which one works best for you biz)

7.-To create and manage Power Points Presentations, Excel sheets, templates or document filing, before deadline.

8.-Managing your Blog. If you want your business to be more visible, then start with your blog’s organization. more info.

9.-Delivery, keep tracking and reception of invoices. This is a special good one for small business.

10.-Creating a signup form for your blog. Everybody knows this is really important for the marketing’s side of business.

What else?

11.-Data Entry. How would you use your newly freedom after having someone else to update the spreadsheets with new data? And just paying for the time needed. I mean, there’s no need to hire someone for 40hrs/week every single week.

12.-Creating Canva images, for a whole range of projects, whether web based or print. We are in a visual world.

13.-Project Management: I have international experience on coordinating and making sure that tasks are accomplished, while you could relax and focus on other issues like increasing your revenue.

At the end of the day taking business to next level is about working smarter not harder.

14.- Entering information on sales leads which might take most of your time up. This would include from the potential buyer’s name and email address to the role in the Company and an anticipated purchasing time frame

15.- Interacting with your followers on FB, twitter, web, blog…etc

16.- Setting up meetings on your behalf. This simple task raises the necessary issue of agenda coordination. Just forget about it and let me deal with it

17.- Basic Bookkeeping. Dealing with invoices, purchase orders, bank statements and any other financial info related to your business that needs to be organized and sent over to tax consultant.

18.- Designing Templates for mail campaigns. A poor design might bring a bad image to your business.

19.- Giving a hand with various errands when first arriving to Valencia. (Such as opening a bank account, advice on accommodation, Spanish interpreter…)

20.- Giving training and many more…Just ask!


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